Security Printing! What is it? Why do I need it?

Security Printing is a means to protect your investments. Whether it is an event that you are selling tickets for or a laser check that you pay your employees with, having a secure document helps to prevent people from trying to duplicate or use it for their own financial gain.

Here at Rainbow Printing we take our Security features seriously and can help aid you in deciding which features are right for your product. We offer high-end security options and are always on the lookout for new ones we can offer our customers. It’s our responsibility to help you feel safe in knowing your item are well protected from fraud.

Some of our security features are: Advanced Security Inks, Security Numbering, Microsecurity Printing and Security Paper. For a more detailed explanation as to what these are give us a call and our Security Professionals can help you out.

Rainbow Printing. In business for over 30 Years.

Family owned and operated, Rainbow Printing began in 1985 and has been growing ever since. We have been serving people long enough to be confident in our experience and service, and we are small enough to ensure the best attention to detail possible.

Our company is expanding and is now able to offer digital full color printing as well as offset printing.

We are also a Certified Check printer and are equipped to offer and provide the best security features on your Checks as we can. The list of items we can provide goes on and on so if you are unsure as to what we can offer give us a call.