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    Stay a Step Ahead of Counterfeiters and Forgers

    With today’s technology more advanced, capable, and accessible than ever, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stay one step ahead of forgers and counterfeiters. High-quality duplicates of unsecured documents are now easier than ever to replicate, with traditional reproduction equipment, too. Counterfeiters can easily find scanners with print-shop quality resolutions, high end color copiers, and even small printing presses.

    What none of these forgers or counterfeiters can duplicate is our encompassing security printing division, created to safeguard our clients’ most sensitive documents.

    Our security printing features are sophisticated, yet subtle – you’ll only see them when your documents have been compromised. Otherwise, they’ll look exactly like quality printing products you’ve come to expect from our print shop.

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    From the trailblazing security printing design software we’ve installed in our print facilities, to the enviable document security features we’ve acquired to meet you needs, you can rest assured your security products will receive top security certifications. As an accredited security printer, we stay up-to-date with the industry’s security print solutions and design software to sustain accreditation.

    But we’re never content with maintaining the standard – we’re always looking to surpass our peers’ benchmarks. It’s why we’ve dedicated an entire security printing division to provide our clients with the best secure print features in the industry.

    Learn more about some of our most popular security printing techniques, including:

    Numbering & MICR Encoding

    Numbering is a security printing technique that produces a red halo around the serial numbers of a document for simple verification. The serial numbers appear reversed on the backside of the document.

    MICR Encoding is one of our more advanced security printing features, commonly used in check printing. The special magnetic ink and unique font allows for checks to be processed and scanned quickly.

    Chemical Toner Anchorage

    This printing process affords superior toner anchorage when printing onto your product with a laser printer. The laser toner actually bonds with the paper, making the toner virtually impossible to be peeled or scraped off. One of the best defenses against check fraud.

    Chemically Reactive Paper

    Many of our security printing products are printed on chemically reactive paper with high-polarity chemical solvents. Any forgery attempts on the document will leave a chemical trail, a stain indicating it’s been tampered with.

    We can have this paper react to oxidants, polar solvents, bases, reducers, and more.

    Fluorescent Fibers & Inks

    Undetectable to the naked eye, hopefully you’ll never have a situation where you need to identify the inks & fibers visible only under ultraviolet light.

    This security printing feature safeguards a document from photocopying, scanning, computer manipulation, or whatever other tricks a counterfeiter may possess. Simply, no computer or photocopier can replicate these ingrained fibers & inks, for another level of print security.

    Micro-Security Printing & Security Pantographs

    Micro-security printing is similar to extreme fine print, creating tiny text that can only be verified with a magnifier. The text is smartly placed where a photocopier or scanner would fill the area, a common trick used by forgers. So if the text is illegible upon magnified view, you know it’s a duplicate.

    Security pantographs are another one of progressive, certified security solutions. Employed on business checks regularly, pantographs are screens printed in the background of checks that are invisible – until they’re photocopied or scanned.

    Authentic Multi Tone Watermarks

    Custom watermarks are integrated directly in – not on top – the paper at the security mill. This security paper is a security printing feature in itself, and is exclusive to approved security printers like ourselves.

    Like many of our top security solutions, this security feature will only become visible when altered or tampered with.

    Thermachromic & Coin Reactive Inks

    One of the newest print security features at our print facilities, thermachromic inks are unique in that they are sensitive to temperature.

    When heat is applied to these documents – like when they’re being photocopied – the ink will turn colorless. Once the document returns to its normal temperature, the documents returns to its original state.

    Coin reactive inks are similar, but instead are printed colorless. When the secure paper is rubbed with your average currency coin, it reacts and shows the ink for instant verification. This is a fantastic security printing feature for small shops, or untrained people to authenticate.

    Hologram Printing

    Now you see it, now you don’t! We can take your data, images, or brand logo to create a custom hologram to add to any of your secure documents. Counterfeiters simply don’t have the technology or knowledge to come anywhere near replicating our hologram prints.

    These are just some of the popular certified security solutions available through Rainbow Printing. For the full range of the security printing services we offer, visit our online portal! Shop Now