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    End Strong with Finishing Solutions for Your Printed Materials

    Finish your printed materials off the right way with a bevy of custom finishing solutions available at Rainbow. Our print shop houses machines that score, perforate and die-cut for dynamic finishing options. Whether you need kit folders, door hangers, tent cards, or other commercial printing materials customised, we have a large inventory of standard dies or can create custom dies as needed. The tiny extra detail in the finishing can truly bring out the larger, more prevalent qualities in a printed piece, strengthening the entire project.

    All of our print finishing is done entirely in-house – perfing, die-cutting, scoring and folding, whatever your printed materials need! Browse through our finishing solutions below, and see how they can enhance your quality printing project from Rainbow. Ask us about metallic inks, varnishes and specialty papers!


    When you need a print project that’s ordered and serialized, numbering is a strong finishing option to consider. Keep you document in unison, without the fear of jumbling page orders!

    Effective for: Invoices, Statements, Tickets


    For documents large and small, coiling is one of the more flexible finishing solutions. With the ability to smoothly lie flat, and even double over so you can read and hold the document in one hand, coiling is ideal for technical manuals or notebooks.

    Effective for: Technical manuals, Notebooks


    Arguably our most popular finishing solution, die cutting can add the most originality and style to your print projects. Our advanced die cutting machine works outside the standard dimensions of print, cutting precise, intricate shapes and designs into your business cards, brochures, calendars, or any marketing material you’d like to personalize.

    Effective for: Presentation Folders, Door Hangers, Business Cards


    Perfing your documents allows for easier tearing or folding, keeping the rest of the document unscathed and intact.

    Effective for: Raffle Tickets, Event Tickets, Coupons, Flyers


    Similar to perfing, scoring adds an indent to your project, where it can readily fold without wearing and tearing the rest of the paper or material. Scoring is also less likely to cause harm to toner-type inks or thicker, clear coats during the finishing process.

    Effective for: Brochures, Folders, Calendars, Newsletters


    The finishing of your book should be as creative and exciting as the contents inside it. Choose from various book binding options as the final touch to your masterpiece – coil binding, three-hole drilling, cerlox bindings, saddle stitching, and more!

    Effective for: Newsletters, Magazines, Books

    Security Hologram Foiling

    Security holograms are almost impossible to duplicate and are a strong deterrent to fraudulent activity on your valuable documents.

    Effective for: Bus Passes, Certificates, Tickets


    Coatings provide your printed goods double value, as both a means of protection, and a subtle creative dimension. Choose from various varnishes, aqueous coatings, and UV coatings.

    Effective for: Brochures, Folders, Magazines, Post Cards, Calendars, Business Cards


    Get the most value out of your printed documents with protective laminate finishing. The transparent safeguard extends the longevity of your printed materials, saving money and lengthening brand exposure.

    Effective for: Posters, Business Cards, Tags

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    We are centrally located in New Brunswick and ship finished products to locations around Canada and USA.

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