Vancouver laminators

Whether you’re a small business or a large commercial printer, if you need assistance with your binding requirements, Apak Systems can help. Apak in Vancouver are professional laminators offering both laminating equipment and supplies to the greater Vancouver area.
Apak sells lamination roll film in a wide variety of widths with clear or matte finish. They stock most common sizes of heat seal lamination films for immediate delivery. Call Apak at 604-253-3143 for a quote on your next order of lamination supplies.
Lamination is an excellent way to protect signage, books, menus or all high use printed material.  The finish of the lamination can greatly influence the look and feel of the product. For all of your lamination needs, Vancouver locals find Apak Systems to be excellent laminators.
The two main options of finish that Apak offers are matte and gloss, as their names imply the look will either be shiny or flat. Other options of finish are the actual thickness of the plastic. Apak can currently offer a range from 1.7mil to 10mil thicknesses. A 1.7mil thickness would protect the paper while still leaving it pliable, while a 10mil thickness would give the paper a very ridge feel.
Lamination is not the only service that Apak provides to Vancouver businesses. While Apak professionals are expert laminators, they are also exceptional book binders and offer the following services besides:
– Paper drilling. Apak provides paper drilling services using their Challenge 3-headed drill. Apak can also supply you with drill bits and drill blocks for most makes of drills.
– Die Cutting. Apak can cut a window virtually any size of shape- possibly even the shape of your logo! They can also cut windows in your existing covers. Apak experts are Vancouver’s laminators, plus much more!
– Calendar tinning. Apak calendar edges provide the fastest, most attractive and least expensive manner of binding and hanging/displaying single and multi-sheet calendars, maps, wall charts, posters and other printed material.Edges come complete with pre-attached plastic hangers (eyelets) for tops of calendars and plain rims to neatly finish the calendar at the bottom. Apak edges prevent corners and edges from curling. Calendar edges are a fast, reliable and economical way of finishing calendars and other printed material.
– Book Binding. Apak offers many binding options such as Plastic Binding (Cerlox), Plastikoil, Wire-O, and Spiral-O. Apak takes pride in quality work and fast turnaround so they can make you look as good as possible in front of your customers and clients. Apak Systems Vancouver laminators run a diverse business.
– Booklet Making. Apak Systems produces booklets using a high-speed, fully automatic, heavy duty stitcher/folder & trimmer with air suction-feed collator. Working as a complete system to streamline the finishing process, their booklet maker processes up to 4,200 professionally finished booklets per hour.
If you have a business in the Vancouver area that would benefit from the professional laminators at Apak Systems, call 604-253-3143, or visit Apak Systems on the Web at Don’t forget the many other services that Apak provides to Vancouver business. Their laminators are able to provide a wide range of professional binding services, and offer many supplies as well.