What is Cerlox Binding?

Books bound together by using a plastic comb that is flexible and is inserted into holes that are punched into the edge of the book.

What is Crop?

Crop or cropping is the process of making an image smaller by selecting a smaller portion of it and deleting the edges.

What is Cyan?

Cyan is the “blue” used in four color process printing. CMYK Process.

What is a Densitometer?

An optical devise used in the printing and photography industry to measure and maintain the density of ink or color on the page to help keep the color consistent.

What is Density?

The measurement used to determine tone, weight and color within a photo or printed piece. This is usually measured by a Densitometer?

What is a Drill?

A drill can be of many forms. It can be for the purpose of putting holes in paper (three hole punch in large quantities), or it can be for the purpose of ring or comb binding a book.

What is a Drop Shadow?

A drop shadow is used behind text or an object to give the appearance of it lifting off the page. It is usually placed offset and behind the text or object to be effected.

What is an EPS File (Encapsulated Post Script)?

Also referred to as a vector image and is a standard file format used to transfer postscript formatting information between applications. When creating a vector image, the program creates mathematical equations in the background this is why you can make the image as large or small as you want without losing quality.

What is ANSI Standards?

ANSI stands for the “American National Standards Institute.” This states the Financial Industry Standards and Specifications for the electronic exchange of check and image data as approved by the Accredited Standards Committee for US Checks.