What is Bindery?

Bindery is a department within a printing company that does the finishing work on your products. Jobs such as cutting, folding, collating, drilling and more are all done in this department.

What is a Bleed Edge?

Products where the color runs off the edge of the page is called a bleed. A Bleed Edge is extra space that is needed in the printing process to ensure that there are no white borders around the finished product after it is cut.

What is Coated Card Stock?

Coated Card Stock is stock that has a glossy finish. They are usually between 8pt and 18pt in thickness and can be coated on one side or both.

What is Carbonless Paper?

Paper that allow the transfer of an impression from the first page to the subsequent pages. It is also called NCR paper. You can get multiple page forms of this paper and in a variety of colors.

What is a Center Spread?

The Center Spread is the middle of a book, the two facing pages that make up the center of a book or publication.

What is Clip Art?

Clip art is a collection of graphic images, designs and artwork in digital form that can be used for printing purposes. Some are free and some collections you have to pay a running fee to use.

What is Coil / Spiral Binding?

Coil / Spiral Binding is for books or statements. Holes are punched along the side of the product and spiral metal or plastic coils are wound through them binding the edge. Coil/Spiral Bound books can usually lay completely flat when opened.

What is Collating?

It is the act of gathering multiple sheets together in their correct order.

What is Color Separating?

The process of separating color (CMYK, Spot Color) for the purpose of printing each ink separately. CMYK colors can be used to create any color you want (except a true gold, silver and bronze).