Inmar Promotion Network

“As someone who has worked in the Purchasing field for 37 years, I have used my fair share of printing services. Some good and some not so good. A little more than 25 years ago a sales rep from Rainbow Printing called on me to introduce himself and tell me about the company. All these years later I am pleased to say I still have a very good working relationship with a company that I feel is at the top of their profession. They have printed a wide range of products for me, anything from letterhead to cheques to various forms, and in all those years I cannot remember a job that wasn’t done exactly as ordered and on time. The quality of their work, is second to none, and their customer service is even better. The entire team is friendly and helpful and always there to help. I think just the fact that I have used them for more than 25 years should speak volumes about their work. In this day and age you can go online and order anything from anywhere, and maybe for half the price, but in the end you usually only get half the quality.

Thank you to all of you for all of your hard work and assistance to me over these many years.”