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Custom apparel when done correctly can bring a large amount of traffic to your business or organization.  As the first choice out of all the Screen printing businesses in Salt Lake City, we are here to help. When designing custom apparel, there are several things to keep in mind to make sure it turns out great and drives business through your door.

What Makes a Good Design?

Several main factors contribute to a successfully designed t-shirt. The first step is to take a few minutes and think exactly what the purpose of your custom designed apparel is. Is it for fellow employees or a community event? Targeting different audiences changes the overall goal and design of the shirt.

Next picture the design of the shirt. There are several tools out there that can quickly put your design on a shirt. Be careful as these websites often don’t print quality designs, but they are a useful tool to help you imagine exactly what your design will look like on the shirt.

Remember when designing a shirt that attention to detail is critical. However, that doesn’t mean the design needs to be extremely complicated. The more simple your t-shirt is while still conveying it’s intended messages the more influential the message will be.

Now check back to step one. You have your design in mind and worked out. Does it still appeal to your target audience?  If so good, if not head on back to step one. Congratulations you are almost there.

Then after all of your hard work, it is time to select the right colors for your design.  Again the use of the shirts plays a vital role in this step. Does the event have a specific color scheme you need to match or does the company logo have colors that are a must in the design?

Finally, you need to source an excellent printer to make sure all of your hard work doesn’t go waste. Staying in contact with your printer as you are designing your apparel will make your life much more comfortable as they can help make sure you are designing it correctly.

What Makes a Good Printing Business?

A good screen printing business keeps its customers informed about the printing process as excellent communication will make it easier on the customer and the printer.  Here at affordable printing the number one choice for a screen printing business in Salt Lake City we pride ourselves in excellent communication.

From free quotes to scheduling a call we will be sure to get back to you answering any questions you have as fast as we possibly can. During business hours we typically reply within a few minutes.

The next sign of a good printing company is quality equipment. Here at Affordable printing, we use only the best screen printing technology perfect for thousands of years, started by the ancient Chinese we have a pretty solid handle on the idea of screen printing and hope to talk to you soon about designing your next custom apparel.

Screen Printing Business Salt Lake City

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Screen Printing Business Salt Lake City

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