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Whether you’re looking to purchase your first RV awning or simply replace an existing one, most buyers have the same question: “Which awning fabric should I choose?” The materials used in awnings directly impact their durability, water resistance, and other features that RVers seek. With so many options, selecting the correct awning material can be tough. However, equipped with the knowledge, you may confidently choose whatever fabric best meets your needs.

Acrylic or Vinyl Awning

While both vinyl and acrylic awnings have a lot to offer when it comes to RV, they are quite different.


Vinyl awnings are frequently marketed as waterproof, which is why they are so tempting to people who live in damp areas. In addition, vinyl awnings are much less expensive, especially if replacing an old or outdated awning on your RV. Acrylic awnings are not necessarily as waterproof or failsafe as vinyl awnings. On the other hand, acrylic awnings are woven together using cloth in a more relaxed and casual style, not as tightly as their vinyl awning counterparts.


Vinyl is essentially a form of plastic, but it is woven tightly as a fabric when making items like awnings for RVs or moving vehicles. Acrylic awnings are made of acrylic, a sort of plastic that is more breathable and not as tightly woven.


Vinyl awnings have the appearance of entirely solid materials that cannot be penetrated. Awnings can be square or curved and elongated, depending on where they are positioned and how much ground they are designed to cover. A vinyl RV awning provides more coverage, making it excellent for individuals looking for complete shade with their RV.

Acrylic awnings are more contemporary and come in various shapes, colors, patterns, and general sorts. Depending on your RV’s size and the awning you want to use, you can select between retractable and attachable awnings with an acrylic awning. You will frequently have more options when selecting the perfect style, pattern, or color for your acrylic awning.

Cost Differences

Before buying an RV awning of any kind, it is critical to examine your options while also understanding the possible cost variations between vinyl and acrylic awnings. An RV awning will typically cost between $550-$1650, depending on the material you choose. In most circumstances, a vinyl awning solution is your best bet if you’re searching for a low-cost awning. A vinyl awning can cost as little as $160 for the fabric, especially if you want to use it over a limited specified area outside your RV.

Which Awning is Best for Your RV?

To choose the right type of fabric for your RV awning, you must evaluate your needs. Climate, location, and awning style are all important factors to consider. For instance, do you spend much time outside in the rain? Is the weather unusually hot, sunny, or windy? Do you spend more time on the road or at your destination? These questions can help you select which cloth is best for you.

RV Awning Edmonton

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